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DSI RF Systems, RF Experts & Systems Integrators


DSI RF Systems, Inc. is a multi-faceted, versatile New Jersey based company supplying broadcast-related products, engineering design and support services to all major TV and Radio networks.  Operating primarily in the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania markets, DSI specializes in RF infrastructure installation, maintenance & emergency service to the broadcast television, radio, and satellite industries. 


Since 1984, DSI has supplied engineering and service services to the broadcast and cable industries.  In 1992, DSI pioneered the introduction of high quality, low cost robotic camera technology in 1994 with the introduction of the NBC SkyCam system and has since delivered over 150 standard definition camera systems throughout the United States. 

Recognizing the need for upgrading these camera systems to HDTV, DSI’s new HD camera system utilizes state-of-the-art high definition cameras and lenses providing customers with a cost-effective migration to HD imagery.  DSI camera systems are all-inclusive and include integrated slave unit, pan/tilt head, enclosure, window washer, camera, lens and all cabling.  Paired with DSI’s UCS-1000 Universal Camera Controller and Modem Switching unit, the TMS-3000 delivers high-def pictures with ease.

Leveraging its experience with transmission and RF technology, DSI has developed a revolutionary product for the TV News industry; NewsShark. 

DSI’s Shark technologies enable it to provide products with the ability to transmit live video and audio content using existing 3G and 4G cellular data networks. DSI’s unique adaptation of existing technologies coupled with its deep understanding of broadcast operations allows it to offer a cost-effective solution for the ever evolving news ENG market. Call us at 888- DSI RFTV to find out more.


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