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DSI RF Systems, RF Experts & Systems Integrators

DSI RF Systems, Inc., provides technical and engineering solutions to the Broadcast Industry. For more than 25 years, we have had the privilege of providing engineering and technical expertise on projects ranging from complete TV/FM transmitter facility builds to researching and specifying solutions on transmission issues and problems. A unique company, DSI has the engineering wherewithal to consult, engineer and design a system as well as implement the solution in your real world environment and provide service and maintenance once the project is complete.

Our staff consists of trained and certified tower climbers, satellite and antenna experts, RF & microwave engineers and construction specialists that handle projects in both union and non-union environments. Our vast field experience makes us the right choice for your broadcast projects, ranging from troubleshooting and installation to complete management of your facility or project.

Because of the depth of our staff and in-house expertise, we had the opportunity to work with Sprint/Nextel on the BAS 2GHz Relocation project. From the project on-set, we provided engineering solutions and implementation services, in markets that span the East Coast. To date, we have provided services to more than 800 microwave and ENG sites, ranging from the studio to rooftops to tower installations.

In addition to our project based engineering and installation expertise, we have tailored a product offering that compliments our services. Call us at 888- DSI RFTV to find out more.

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